Tuesday, March 9, 2010

School Sores (Impetigo)

A number of cases of School Sores have been reported to the school.

The symptoms are as follows:
•The sores can be anywhere on the body, but are often on the face near the mouth and nose, or on the arms and legs.
•Impetigo may starts with a blister or a group of blisters.
•The blister bursts leaving a patch of red, wet skin which weeps.
•The spot usually becomes coated with a tan or yellowish crust, making it look like it has been covered with honey.
•There can be small spots around the first spots, spreading outwards.
•Impetigo is usually itchy.
•The sore takes about 1 to 3 days to develop after contact with fluid or crusts from a sore.
•There is often superficial peeling on the edge.

Please note:

Impetigo is extremely contagious (infectious) and can be easily spread to other children and adults. Please ensure personal hygiene is maintained e.g. own towels, face cloths etc.

Try to prevent your child scratching the sores as much as possible, eg cover sores with a watertight dressing and cut your child’s fingernails.

Your child can go back to school, after 24 hours of treatment and when the sores are completely covered with dressings.
Continue medical treatment until all sores are healed.
For further information and help with identifying and treating school sores go to:
Better Health Channel
Kids' Health- a good site to help kids understand


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