Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WORLD Autism Awareness Day is just around the corner!

What is AUTISM?


Early Signs 

 Autism usually manifests in the first year of life; its onset is not later than 3 years. 

There are some  developmental landmarks to watch for as a child grows. These may be used as a guide to gauge a child's development.

 If there are any concerns about a child's development or if there is a loss of any skills at any age talk to a doctor as soon as possible.


Formal diagnosis of autism is performed by medical specialists.  

What is AUTISM?

  There are a number of different early intervention options to treat individuals on the autism spectrum. Diagnostic Assessment Services It’s important to remember that whilst there are many options available, parents should thoroughly investigate the quality and effectiveness of an intervention in order to make an informed choice.

 To assist parents in making this decision, the Federal Government commissioned The Australian Society for Autism Research (ASFAR) to produce an independent evaluation of the effectives of early intervention options funded under the Helping Children With Autism (HCWA) package.  

Autism Spectrum (Aspect) provides a number of fact sheets to find our more about the current resources available to you. The list includes:

What is autism? 

Girls and women with autism spectrum disorder

 iPads for autism 

Parents with autism spectrum disorder 

Adults with autism spectrum disorder 

Siblings of children with autism 

Familial risk for autism 

Ageing with autism spectrum disorder 

 Kids' who read, succeed!!! Cheers :-)