Sunday, August 14, 2016

Well read & informed parents equals empowerment!

Where do you head to when you need help with your child's education? There are so many places to go these days that it's often overwhelming.
I suggest that you start with this current, authoritive and informative app:
 presents their free app for parents:

Each of these tabs: Homework and Study; Wellbeing; Technology; School Guide; and Conversations offer plenty of quality current material and advice to help parents feel more informed about partnering schools to develop their children into well adjusted, happy, educated & good citizens of the future.

We want our children to be good digital citizens, too.
The cybersafety and cyberbullying sections have plenty of great advice about how to help your children be safe online and free from bullying and its effects. 

In the Wellbeing section there are plenty of resources to explore on Behaviour; Development; Fitness; Food & Health.
Under the food tab they include some delicious lunchbox ideas to fuel your children's brain and learning power.

If you struggle to help your child with certain assignments because you don't understand the terms, or would just love to be sure of what is being asked,  there is help at hand in the English section with A-Z glossary, help sheets. assignments starters & a section on My Book Club.
Help is also at hand for the Maths area with A-Z glossary; help sheets;  tips & maths assignment starters. There is also a game app included- Maths Monkey Quest for students to work on recall of maths facts.

                                                                          Maths Monkey Quest
But that's not all!-there is also plenty of support material available for other subject areas:
 and even more!! Tips to help you plan for your child's future:

You will also find the following apps created by the NSW Department of Education available for download.

Other Department of Education apps

and Kids' whose parents read, succeed even more!!!
Cheers :-)