Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Parents resources to help keep you in the picture.

These parent materials include a range of brochures, audio files, videos and resources that provide information about helping your child with literacy. Some of the materials provide information for parents about specific things such as, how to help your child with spelling, whilst others provide more general information about literacy.

 A range of vidcasts and audiofiles are available for parents support and teacher professional learning @ Celebrating Literacy and Numeracy 

  What is NAPLAN?
Everyday numeracy K-4 (for parents) A series of numeracy-related activities to enjoy around the home is presented to develop deeper understanding and awareness of: shape, pattern, counting and number, measurement and calculating. (4 mins)

Why use maths?

Supporting young children's literacy development
Dr Paris shares rich insights into how literacy teachers and parents can support young learners, particularly in the important aspect of comprehension. Accompanying this video is a short interview wherein Dr Paris discusses such things as comprehension, reading assessment and ways to encourage children to read. (7 mins)

Critical numeracy in context

Teaching writing.

School Parents -Helping Mums and Dads with school life. e-zine (online magazine)
Check out the most recent and past issues.

Kids' who read, succeed!!! Cheers :-)
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