Monday, November 28, 2011

Love this LAST DAY idea from Karen Taylor.

I so loved the concept I just had to share this fabulous tradition with you, below, from Karen's guest post Thankful Thursday. Education & Teachers. on Denyse Whelan's blog.

"...Every school year has a Last Day as well. In the evening of the Last Day I send my husband and kids out to buy dinner while I very quickly blu-tac up a selection of their work, photos and awards from the year gone by. I set the table for dinner and just as I hear the family returning I put on some loud music and meet the kids at the door with blindfolds.

 They put them on and enjoy dancing around the house until they arrive at the dinner table where they remove the blindfolds and spend a few seconds in awed silence as their memories are revealed, spread out in triumph on the wall. 

Then they scoff their dinner and relive the year that was. It’s the best fun ever and a night that the kids look forward to all year."

John Dewey has stated, “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” 

I believe that this is a wonderful activity for all students to undertake and what makes it even more special is when it is done as a family. Reflecting is a very important skill that allows the person reflecting to develop deep meaning and understanding. 

Most people would agree, in order to continually learn and improve, individuals need to engage in regular reflection.

Two questions that you could prompt your children with include: 
What do you notice?
What do you feel?

Have fun and if you implement this activity with your children let me know how it goes.