Monday, March 1, 2010

ACARA Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority present the first draft.

"In 2008 all Australian governments agreed that a national curriculum would play a key role in delivering quality education and committed to the development of a K–12 national curriculum, initially in the areas of English, mathematics, science and history.

It is widely accepted that Australia should have one curriculum for school students, rather than the eight different arrangements that exist at the moment.

Whilst the Australian Curriculum will outline the scope of what is to be learned, it will be teachers in classrooms who will make decisions about how best to organise learning, the contexts for learning and the depth of learning that will be pursued for each child in their class." from: Why have an Australian curriculum.

On the ACARA home page you are advised to watch the video guide before you explore the site.  It explains that you need to register before you can log on and explore.

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