Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mr Mead of Clempton Park, shares his post on Parent Helpers in the School.

He says:
While on leave, I had the opportunity to work in my son’s school canteen and as a parent helper within the classroom changing home readers. I had been aware for a long time of the immense benefit to teachers of having parents able to offer their time to help in the classroom but had until now not seen things from the other side. If you are already helping out around the school, you will understand the joy of helping others and seeing how happy the students are to have their parents around the place helping out. If you have some spare time in your week, why not see if you can help out around the school in some way.
Parent helpers are one of the greatest resources a school can have – with many benefits for the school and for the parents who volunteer. I have come up with the following benefits – have you experienced others?
Benefits for School:
* Able to contribute to better prepared, more individualised programs for students
* Able to offer better services and facilities to our students and community (eg uniforms etc)
* An active parent body is an essential part of a vibrant, positive school climate
* Children can display positive behabiours for their parents and carers who are actively involved in the school
Benefits for our Children:
* Children see parents and community members helping the school and they realise that it is important to all of us.
* Children see adults working together effectively and interacting in friendly, positive ways and it helps them
* Children can ask parents or carers to help out in specific roles and it makes them feel really special when their mum, dad or carer are in the school.
Benefits for our Parents:
* You meet lots of great people!
* You have a chance to be actively involved in your child’s education.
* You keep informed about what’s happening at the school and in your child’s class
* You get to see your child in a different social setting
* You can speak about school stuff with your child and really know what they are talking about!!
* You can build a strong, positive relationship with your child’s teacher – and this is one of the best things you can do for your child!
* You learn a heap of skills which can, in turn, assist you in helping your child.
 I could not run Sandy Beach Public School library without all the wonderful parent and grandparent helpers at SBPS.
I have parents who make library bags, parents who cover and repair books, parents who help by shelving and tidying the shelves, parents who help with creating designs, parents who assist at our annual bookfair. 
They are invaluable!! Without their assistance I would not be able to offer as many services to our students and staff.

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