Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Help needed for Father's Day staff.

Our Father’s Day stall will be held on Tuesday 31st August

Gifts will cost $5.00 plus if you would like it gift wrapped 
there will be an additional charge of 50 cents per present.

 We are also having a Raffle with the prize being a 
“Dad’s Hamper” the cost of a ticket is $1.00.

Please show your support in this fundraiser.

We are asking for donations for our Dad’s Hamper, if you have anything you would like to donate please send it in to the canteen.
We are still seeking volunteers, if you can assist even if only for ½ hour 
 it would be appreciated. 
Our canteen can only continue to operate with the  
support of parents and other family members.
Thank you,
Jody Phillis
Canteen Supervisor

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