Friday, November 6, 2009

Your P&C needs you.


Parents & Citizens Association meets
4th Monday of every month.

The next P&C meeting (the A.G.M.) is on 
Monday 23rd November 
at 7pm in the Staffroom. 

Immediately following the A.G.M. (say 7.30pm), there will be an Ordinary Meeting. At this meeting will be discussion around significant changes to the operation of the P&C run school canteen. 

Our school canteen may no longer be able to operate with a paid canteen supervisor. If so, the options will be to either (1) operate the canteen with volunteers, OR (2) close the canteen.

So if you and your friends are interested in giving the canteen a new start and are able to run it on a volunteer basis, come along to our next P&C meeting and talk about what you can or can’t do.

Any options (days/hours of operation, staffing, menu) will be considered because the alternative may have to be closure of the school canteen.

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