Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great ideas for Reading Aloud

No. 1 best piece of advice:
"Fall in love with the pause." Mem Fox
Reflecting on what is read, on what we hear, on what we've learned during a vital.
It is how we create NEW LEARNING-new understandings!!

Reading Aloud by Mem Fox,

"Reading aloud is an art form in which the eyes and voice play important parts." Mem Fox

Listen to Mem explain the importance of reading aloud

"We can do at least seven things with our voices to keep our listeners engaged. Six of these seven vocal gymnastics are contrasts: loud and soft; fast and slow; and high and low. And we can p-a-u-s-e!!!!" Mem Fox

"If children love the words, they’ll use them delightfully in their own speaking and in their own writing. If they love the sounds of the words, they’ll understand them better when they come to read them later." Mem Fox

For Fourteen Fantastic Hints on Reading Aloud click The Book Chook

Kids' who read, succeed!!!
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